SpaceControl DLL  Version 2.8.9
API documentation for the SpaceControl 3D input devices
ScDevInfo Struct Reference

Information structure concerning a SpaceController device. More...

#include <spc_ctrlr.h>

Public Member Functions

void setId (int in)
 sets the member mId
void setSerialNo (char *inP)
 sets the member mSerialNo
void setDescrptn (char *inP)
 sets the member mDescrptn

Public Attributes

int mId
 identifier for the SpaceController device
char mSerialNo [MAX_SERIALNO_LEN]
 serial number
char mDescrptn [MAX_DESCRPTN_LEN]
 firmware version

Detailed Description

Information structure concerning a SpaceController device.

If there is more than one device connected to the computer it is possible to get the device's ID (needed as parameter for the DLL functions) to a given device description or serial number. If there is only one device the ID is always 0.

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