SolidWorks Plug-in ReadMe


1 Plug-in Description

This plug-in enables you to move the scene, parts in an assembly and even cameras in SolidWorks with the SpaceControl 3D input devices. Furthermore it incorporates SolidWorks' menu items in the SpaceControl Panel's Key Configuration Dialog for easy mapping of menu items to the SpaceController's function keys. Supported versions are SolidWorks 2009 to 2018, supported operating systems are Windows XP to Windows 10, 32 and 64 bit. If using SolidWorks 2008 you have to download the older driver version 2.4.1.

The plug-in integrates its own menu and toolbar into SolidWorks:

SpaceControl Menu

The menu's and toolbar's elements are doing the same and are described below.

The plug-in is a DLL ("SC_SwAddIn_32.dll", "SC_SwAddIn_64.dll", resp.) which is loaded by SolidWorks at start-up. In rare cases it may happen that SolidWorks won't do this automatically. If this is the case open the "Add-Ins" dialog in SolidWorks by clicking on menu item "Tools/Add-Ins..." and make sure that both check boxes of the "SpaceController AddIn" entry are activated:


2 Setting the Rotation Center

There are some possibilities how you can rotate an object with the SpaceController. These differ in the center point of rotation and how the user can select it.

2.1 Rotating around the Scene's Origin or the Camera's Focal Point

Basically you can change between the "scene" perspective (moving the cap seems to move the scene you are looking at) and the "camera" perspective (moving the cap moves the virtual camera looking into the scene). Further settings control the rotation center, switch a special hover mode on and off or lock the horizon. All this can be configured with the SpaceControl Panel's Advanced Configuration dialog in the Move Mode panel:

Advanced Settings Dialog

See chapter Advanced Configuration in the SpaceController's user manual for details.

Not all modes listed in the dialog are supported by the plug-in due to some restrictions in SolidWorks' programming interface:

2.2 Rotating around Arbitrary Object Points

If rotation around the scene's origin or the screen's midpoint is not sufficient you can set your own rotation center.

3 Moving Objects

In assembly mode you can move parts with the cap. To do this activate menu item "Activate Object Movement" and select the part you want to move. Restrictions defined in SolidWorks receive attention.
The menu items "Check for Collision", "Stop Movement on Collision" and "Sound on Collision" are self-explanatory.

4 Menu Items - Summary

Toolbar Icon
Menu Item
Rotate Around
              Highlighted Object
Rotate Around Highlighted Object Rotation center is the the highlighted object underneath the cursor.
Rotate Around
Rotate Around Selection
Rotation center is the the selected object.
Rotate Around
              Selected Edge
Rotate Around Selected Edge
Rotation axis is the selected edge.
Scroll Trees and
Scroll Trees and Lists
Enables scrolling in trees and lists with the SpaceController or GEN.
Activate Object
Activate Object Movement
Allows movement of a selected object in the scene.
Check for Collision
Check for Collision
Checks for collisions while moving an object.
Stop Movement on
Stop Movement on Collision
Stops object movement if a collision is detected.
Sound on Collision
Sound on Collision
Makes a sound if a collision is detected.
Reset to Defaults
Reset to Defaults
Sets all options to the default values.

Toggle Toolbar
Hides or shows the SpaceControl toolbar.

All menu items can be assigned as usual to a SpaceController key or to the Wheel Function Launcher by means of the Function Assignment dialog:

Key Configuration

5 Change Log

7 December 2017, Version 2.9.0:

8 November 2016, Version 2.8.6:

2 November 2015, Version 2.8.2:

1 September 2014, Version 2.7.0:

15 July 2014, Version 2.6.3:

4 October 2013, Version 2.6.0:

20 March 2013, Version 2.5.1:

14 January 2013, Version 2.5.0:

11 December 2012, Version 2.4.1:

18 April 2012, Version 2.3.1:

18 January 2012, Version 2.2.1:

20 October 2011, Version 2.2.0:

17 June 2011, Version 2.1.0:

10 March 2011, Version 2.0.1 beta:

15 February 2011, Version 2.0.0:

20 August 2010, Version 1.4.3:

9 July 2010, Version 1.4.2:

14 April 2010, Version 1.4.1:

27 April 2010, Version 1.4.0:

30 November 2009, Version 1.2.3:

23 November 2009, Version 1.2.0:

5 April 2009, Version 1.1.0:

9 March 2009, Version 1.00:

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