ReadMe for SpaceControl's Plug-in for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 and Creo elements/pro 5.0

1 Plug-in Description

This plug-in enables you to incorporate the menu items of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5 and Creo elements/pro 5.0 in the SpaceControl Panel's Key Configuration Dialog for easy mapping of menu items to the SpaceController's function keys.

You can set the spin center as usual in ProE and Creo:
Keep the middle mouse button pressed and move the mouse a little. Be aware that the spin center button spin center button must not be activated in this case.

The plug-in is a background process ("proe_wf5_plugin.exe") which is started by the SpaceControl driver as soon as ProE or Creo comes into the foreground the first time. It waits 30 seconds to give the application time to boot up its base services and tries to establish a connection to it then. This delay time can be adjusted by means of the parameter "connectDelay" in the file "Documents And Settings\<user name>\SpaceController\Applications\proe_WF5_plugin.ini", which is created after the first start-up. If your computer is slow and you observe connection problems set this time to 60 seconds for example.

2 Change Log

7 November 2017, Version 2.9.0:

8 November 2016, Version 2.8.6:

4 October 2013, Version 2.6.0:

22 February, Version 2.5.0:

16 November 2012, Version 2.4.1:

16 March 2012, Version 2.3.0:

20 October 2011, Version 2.2.0:

16 June 2011, Version 2.1.0:

15 February 2011, Version 2.0.0:

28 April 2010, Version 1.4.0:

3 December 2009, Version 1.2.1:

27 November 2009, Version 1.2.0:

14 April 2009, Version 1.1.1:

9 March 2009, Version 1.00:

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