Autodesk Inventor Plug-in ReadMe

1 Plug-in Description

This plug-in enables you to move objects in Inventor 2009 to 2018 with the SpaceController. Furthermore it incorporates Inventor's menu items in the SpaceController Panel's Key Configuration Dialog for easy mapping of menu items to the SpaceController's function keys.

The plug-in is a DLL ("SC_InventorAddIn_32.dll", "SC_Inventor_AddIn_64.dll", resp.) which is loaded by Inventor at start-up.

Supported operating systems are Windows XP to Windows 10, both 32 and 64 bit.

2 Setting the Rotation Center

There are some possibilities how you can move and rotate an object with the SpaceController. Basically you can change between the "scene" perspective (moving the cap seemes to move the scene you are looking at) and the "camera" perspective (moving the cap moves the virtual camera looking into the scene). Further settings control the rotation center, switch a special hover mode on and off or lock the horizon. All this can be configured with the SpaceController Panel's Advanced Configuration dialog in the Move Mode panel:

AdvancedConfiguration Dialog

See chapter Advanced Configuration in the SpaceController's user manual for details.

The mode Camera Mode: Rotate around Camera and Hover will work only in Inventor's perspective mode. In parallel mode the first one will have unexpected results, the second one will not work at all due to mathematical restrictions.

3 Special functions

There are three special functions available in Inventor's assembly and part mode which can be used in Inventor when they have been assigned to a key or the Wheel Function Launcher. To activate them load an assembly in Inventor, open the Function Assignment dialog, open the branch "Inventor/SpaceController" in the function tree and drag the functions therein to the function keys:

Function Assignment

Pressing the SpaceController keys will toggle the function now. The following functions are available:
These functions can be executed as well using the SpaceController menu items integrated in the Tools menu:

SpaceController Menu in

4 Using Inventor's built-in 3D Controller Interface

Inventor has a built-in 3D controller interface. It fetches the controller's data and moves the scene by itself (method A). In opposite to this our plug-in needs to reach into Inventor from the outside by means of Inventor's programming interface (method B). Method B has slightly less performance than method A as you can imagine. In cases where highest performance is necessary (e. g. when handling very large scenes) you can activate method A. Disadvantage: Setting the rotation center as described in section 2 is not longer possible and the special functions as described in section 3 are not available; all of these settings will be ignored.

To activate method A you have to change a parameter in our configuration file "inventor_addin.ini" and another in our file "siapp_dll.ini":

  1. Close Inventor.
  2. Make sure our "Universal Plug-in" is installed.
  3. Open file "C:\Users\<Username>\SpaceController\Applications\inventor_addin.ini" with Notepad and change parameter "useInv3dIntrfce" to "on".
  4. Open file "C:\Users\<Username>\SpaceController\siapp_dll.ini" with Notepad and comment out the line starting with "Inventor" in section [SUPP_APPLS] by setting the character "#" in the very first column.
    If the file is not there you have to start Inventor and open a part once while the Universal Plug-in is installed.
  5. Start Inventor.

5 Change Log

19 October 2017, Version 2.9.0:

8 November 2016, Version 2.8.6:
 2 April 2015, Version 2.8.0:

27 October 2014, Version 2.7.0:

20 May 2014, Version 2.6.3:

20 March 2014, Version 2.6.2:

18 March 2014, Version 2.6.1:

6 November 2013, Version 2.6.0:

22 February 2013, Version 2.5.0:

13 November 2012, Version 2.4.1:

16 March 2012, Version 2.3.0:

20 October 2011, Version 2.2.1:

28 July 2011, Version 2.2.0:

16 June 2011, Version 2.1.0:

15 February 2011, Version 2.0.0:

19 May 2010, Version 1.4.1:

27 April 2010, Version 1.4.0:

18 February 2010, Version 1.2.2:

30 November 2009, Version 1.2.1:

5 April 2009, Version 1.1.0:

6 March 2009, Version 1.00:

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